The Graduate guide to university.

University season as I know it is just around the corner. As a recent graduate I want to share some of my top tips of everything I wish I knew before starting university.

University for me was a time of my life that I found challenging, Covid and 3 national lockdowns probably didn’t help as-well.

I can’t lie before I even began going to university I told myself; “I almost probably will drop out”. Dropping out of university isn’t a bad thing at all. Listen to your heart and put yourself first. I’m proud to say I did make it through and finally graduated, with a degree in fashion communication and promotion.

Things I wish I knew before starting university…

1. Trust your instinct: whether this is you feel like you’re on the wrong course. Don’t trust your initial friends. Don’t let anything ruin your time.

2. Don’t rush: in first year you’re meeting people with different interests and intentions. Make sure you really take time and trust your intuition with those people especially when choosing who to live with in the following years.

3. Keep in touch: although it’s hard with everyone moving up and down the country to keep some friendships alive. But always try as your at home friends will be the ones you can always rely on for advice.

4. Self care: moving away from home for the first time is scary. Taking time for yourself and taking time out of your social schedule is so important. At university I dedicated one night a week at least to taking time to do a facemask, nails, hair care.. what ever I felt like I needed to do.

University should be a time to enjoy and educate. If you are attending have the best time. Make the most of every opportunity.


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