My tanning tips/routine.

Everyone has had their fair share of tanning disasters, if you say you haven’t then babes i’m afraid you’re lying. Whether it would be patchy skin or your fingers appearing like wotsits, these incidences have led up to become the women we are today.

Before Tan:


After Tan.

I’m here today to share my current tanning routine and how to maintain it. Recently I have found my absolute holy grail products to ensure I am a bronzed goddess.

The day before Tan. Is possibly one of the most important days in your pamper routines. This day is all about getting that clean smooth baby like skin.

My number 1 tip for anyone before they start to tan is to ensure they are completely exfoliated and smooth, for me I shave the day before tanning in case I get any cuts that could potentially irritate the skin when tan is applied. I normally bath in baby oil to ensure the skin will be completely smooth and baby oil is great of removing any left over tan from your skin.

As soon as you’re dry apply your moisture, ensuring you massage it into the skin and applying more to the areas of the body that get dryer.


The Big Day; Day of tan.

Normally as soon as I wake up I will moisturizer again to ensure that my skin is hydrated and smooth. Through the day I will keep on top of it using hand cream, foot cream and normal body moisturizer, I now it seems like a lot of effort but its the routine that i’ve found works best.

I use the mature skin cream as it helps go deeper within the skin and prevents dryness for longer.

The tan that I use varies depending on occasion. I mix between the Bondi Sands Ultra dark tanning mouse or the Austalis Dark tanning oil.

The oil is perfect if you are having a last minute night out. It drys within 2 minutes (yes, you did hear that right) and develops a natural tan through the day. It doesn’t stain clothes or bedding and I’ve yet to have it go patchy. This oil gives you the most natural looking tan and leaves you feeling smooth. If all that isn’t making you want to go out and cover yourself in it well you’ll be please to know that it over a week (with the right after care) and you can layer on top of it!!! Ladies we found a winner. Bronzed Goddess throughout summer is a vibe.

The Bondi sand Ultra dark is a staple in many tanning routine. Leaving  you bronzed and flawless after 1 or 2 applications. I have found with this tan that if you are going on a night out to apply it 2 nights before cause it will transfer onto clothes if to newly applied. This tan created the perfect healthy summer glow.. and i live for it. I honestly look about 2 stone lighter when I wear this. I advice you not to apply it to your face as it has led to break outs. When i use the mouse I often use the oil on my face to create a natural glow.

So now tan is done, if you’re like me then i will be a case of sleeping in it to all for it to fully develop, then washing the top layer off in the morning.After every shower to maintain it I always moisturiser to ensure the skin doesn’t go dry and that i’m not going to go like “tiger bread”.

After about 2 days of tan i then move from normal moisturiser to a gradual tan moisturiser . This for me has worked wonders in creating the most natural tan that a fake tan can provide. This also leaves my skin feeling soft for up to 12 hours. This dove Gradual tan is also amazing on its own to add a little bit of colour to your body without the effort of the, exfoliate, and shave.

On my face to ensure that on No Makeup days, still have my face matching my neck I use the Elemis “Total Glow Bronzing Moisteriser ” This cream has specks of gradual tan in to slowly develop over the day creating that healthy holiday glow that we all desire. This product has got to be one of my favourite tanning products due to how natural it appears.

When it comes to scrubbing off i would always suggest baby oil, a body scrub and exfoliate gloves.

These products are the products that have given me the best results for staying and looking perfectly bronzed all year round.

Australis Oil:—Instant-Tan-and-Wash-Off/Australis-Ultra-Dark-Self-Tanning-Dry-Oil-125ml/p/763662?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvPma34r94QIVged3Ch3W6AwfEAYYAiABEgL9WfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Bondi sands:


Let me know any of your tanning rituals or products I should try?



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