Barbie Girl

Life is plastic and its fantastic,

I’ve recently been reminiscing on my childhood thinking back to times i would sit for hours dressing my barbies and Polly pockets, oh how easily entertained we were. My memories of barbie always looking so sleek and stylish inspired me into creating an outfit inspiration from her.

Now if you don’t follow my Instagram @marthar0se (little plug there) then you wont have seen that recently i have been uploading outfit videos.The support I’ve had on them is unreal. In this outfit I chose to create the ultimate casual barbie girl style, with pink and white captivating the look.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful baby pink buckle belt from @e.buckled on Instagram, the quality is insane and i am obsessed. Buckle belts are completely my style, I  feel as though they can take a outfit from basic to stylish urban. I wore my favourite two piece from Femme Luxe Finery. I am obsessed with two pieces&co-ord’s, so simple, so easy ,looks well put together and thought through, what more could you want. This white two piece is perfect for the summer and days on the beach.The boxy styled top fits perfectly on top of the figure hugging slim leg joggers. Wearing my new favourite crepes from Puma. The baby pink on the shoe fits perfectly with bringing the whole look together. If you weren’t aware colour co ordination is my thing. If my outfit doesn’t co ordinate then I most likely won’t leave my house.

This for me with some cute accessories is a perfect summer outfit, especially with the incredible weather were having, who else is loving this beer garden weather?. I come from Cambridge so hoping this weather holds out so I can wear this look to go punting (minus the wig).

Co ord:



What is your go to summer look?


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