I love a camouflage moment.

You would of thought that with my many years of wearing it I would of got bored, but no.

These have to be my favourite camouflage trousers, the bright orange really creates a statement. You could call it a contradiction, with the camouflage being so bold.

I paired the outfit with a ribbed black turtle neck with a D ring Quarter zip. I am a sucker for a turtle neck. Foundation too dark.. turtle neck. No necklace… turtle neck , they are one of your great wardrobe saviours, and that’s a fact.

I also wore my favourite CDG high top converse. These have become my most loved pair of shoes. They can be wore both casual and dressy. Not only that but they go with any look.The red logo really compliments the orange camouflage trousers.

This whole look is perfect for someone who is trying to incorporate some more colourful pieces into their wardrobe.

I am a lover of a bold item toning it down with more neutral tones, keeping it casual. So this outfit is a typical “Martha outfit”, I couldn’t love it more if i tried.

I have become a huge lover of accessories recently so adding belts, headbands and little detailing to create a visually pleasing and put together outfit has become a priority of mine. Accessories can really make or break an outfit. It’s crazy really how a detailing like the OFF WHITE label can create a focal point of the outfit.

I shall be doing more posts on accessories in detail so stay tuned for them.

We love a camouflage queen.

What’s your favourite statement piece??



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