Checked Mate

Its been a while since I copped some new trainers. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a mother that supports my addiction.

I came back from Uni to a beautiful Orange box on my bed, that could only mean 1 thing. As I opened them I saw my new babies laying there. Now I have to commend my mother for getting the right size and remembering that 95’s are my favourite style of shoe. Proud of her.

Pat on the back for Rachel.

These are the Atmos 95’s ‘We love Nike’, which if you follow my 21 buttons account you would have seen featured ( marthar0se). I am obsessed Ilove the red detailing around the laces which really separates the crepe out into various aspects. 95s are not only in my opinion the comfiest Nike shoes but also the most stylish. I’m a Chunky trainer lover.


Now we all know i’m a colour coordinating queen so of course I styled these with my checked Burberry styled trousers from Pretty Little Thing. These have been one of my favourite fashion finds recently not only are they comfy but they are also very flattering and stylish with the drawstring snatching you in at the waist.

My jumper s also from PLT, and this is the comfiest thing i have ever worn i was never really a jumper girl until i purchased this i love the 1/4 zip detail and just how simple it is but can make any outfit look cosy. Im honestly debating wether i should get every colour of them.

52605571_2323143381295006_6845080179262357504_n (1)

who said that pub lunches are have to have boring outfits?



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