Holding on so Tight.

I am obsessed with accessorizing, who else can relate?

51405214_2096677360440488_706934475707121664_n (1)

I have recently been loving belts, which is bizarre this time last year I can guarantee you I  would hardly ever wear them. Its gone from 0-100 real quick with them being one of my most purchased accessory  within the last couple of months. From Buckle to leather belts you can guarantee I have them in my wardrobe.

51322651_391087431466924_5898840476693299200_n (1)

I purchased this absolutely stunning leopard print belt from Zara and I have been obsessing over it. Not only have I been loving the big statement buckle but I have loved how it can take an outfit form basic to Boujee.

I have been wearing it with all black outfits to really split an outfit apart to create that wow factor. Isn’t it amazing how one accessory can change the appearance of an outfit making it go from looking £10-£100.

51579801_1581491378619829_8373979633447600128_n (1)

The whole animal print trend is something that i have been obsessing over i have just fallen in love with the various prints, and really pushed myself  into trying to style each on.

What is your favourite animal print?



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