Pin truck and safety Buck.

Some days an all-black outfit just is what a girl needs to feel her best. Yes, I know I’m normally stating how much I love colour but sometimes we have days off.  

For this look I chose to wear my beautiful new cargo trousers from Zara these trousers are almost  leather  looking. These have defiantly become one of my favourite ‘New In’ wardrobe pieces. I just love how versatile they are and how I can wear them both casual and dressed up with a bodysuit for a night out.  


I paired them with a safety buckle clip belt and my Off White Tag pinned into the belt to give the outfit that edge. The Off White tag really stand out in the outfit with your attention being drawn towards it.  

I wore a simple black ripped cropped turtle neck top. I know its freezing outside and you must think i’m made for wearing a cropped item but honestly cropped pieces on me with a high waist item is so much more flattering and gives me more confidence. Trust me with this sort of outfit you need confidence. Over the top I wore my personal fave jacket which if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a lot, my Pin trucker jacket, this jacket can make an outfit go from 0-100. Everyone needs that statement piece in their wardrobe and that’s the facts. 


On the feet of course I had to go for my Off White vapourmax, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve whipped these our of my shoe collection so time to show them off in all their glory. They really made this outfit come alive with the pop of colour from the iconic heavy-duty tag. I had so many people look at them when walking through town and so many people complimenting me on the outfit. 


This outfit is my current favourite vibe at the moment I’m loving the more simpler outfits with the more intense detail or just a slight pop of colour. I am loving accessorizing and really making an outfit go from  basic to statement . 


The location I shot this outfit was stunning so i want to give it its own little mention. Its located in Central Norwich just down from Jarrolds. The beautiful mix of pink and blue tones really allowed for my very monochromatic outfit to have character and the location really helped to enhance the visual detailing that I put into making the fit.



Whats your favourite New In Wardrobe piece at the moment?



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