Its all in the detailing.

Now I am a sucker for a pop of colour to create and outfit and this Stussy top has been that hero top. You know the sort of top you couldn’t imagine yourself loving but have fallen in love with… yeah that sort of top.


I have never been one to wear green on top but  this olive tone really captured my attention with the Pink Stussy logo standing out. I bought this top from Crepe city so I don’t know the retail price but I paid £20, which for a good quality and versatile top I think is an absolute bargain.

I paired this top with some simple white straight leg Jeans from Topshop, these have fast become a wardrobe favorite, I cant believe i was never a white denim girl before. They are one of the most flattering fit of jeans I have ever worn, no more skinny jeans for me.


Along with the outfit I wore my favourite Balenciaga dupes from Topshop.  You know your girl is poor and loves finding a good cheap alternative to save that coin. Still I would love to own some Balenciagas so if anyone wants to buy some for me, that would be much appreciated. Anyway we’re getting off topic here, back to the shoes. So not only are these my favourite type of shoes with the chunky sole but they are so stylish and comfy and look more expensive than they are.I wore my Calvin Klein socks with these with the monochromatic detailing of the branding around the ankle peeping out of the shoe.

I styled this look with my favourite little snake print bag from Zara. This is the sort of bag that you could wear with an all black outfit and it would still look thought out and stylish. I mean practicality wise its not the best as i cant even fit my phone in but style wise its a yes from me.

This is one of my current go to casual yet stylish everyday looks, I just love the effortless feel of ‘Jean and a top’ but how little accessories and how you style the outfit to create it your own style can completely change the way an outfit is suppose to look. The top naturally  fits a man so will be slightly bigger in the seem and framing but I bought it in at the waist and created a knot with a hair tie and placed it under my bra, to create a cropped style.



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