2019 Goals.

Every year I can guarantee you, I become one of those people who says “new year new me” but doesn’t actually change or set goals. Well finally at the age of 20 this  has changed. I have set out goals I want to reach and ways to change myself for the better. All of these goals are easily achievable so lets hope i stick to them and make 2019 one of the best years ever.


  1. To be happy with my own body: Body confidence is something that I’ve always struggled with, so m aim for this year is to get out of that toxic mental state towards myself and be happy with who i am.
  2. Go to the gym/workout 4 times a week.
  3. Be more open minded: I want this year to be the year that i do more of what would have naturally scared me before and embracing new possibilities.
  4. Embrace my style: This year i want to wear more clothing that i love and colours that i love, rather than worry about what people assume is normal fashion. My style is very much utility ad military with buckles and chains and i want to show more of that on a everyday basis.
  5. Do more charitable opportunities: If you didn’t know every year since the age of 15 i have done at least 1 charitable run whether that be 5ks to half marathons. My aim is to keep this up, knowing that i am working out and also raising money for such amazing causes motivates me even more, also knowing my family are supportive and proud of me is possibly the greatest feeling of all.


I’d love to know our 2019 goals.



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