Shine bright like Christmas lights.

Christmas is fast approaching and its fair to say im very much excited about it. Anything to do with Christmas makes me one happy girl, give me all the pigs in blankets and stuffing.

My favourite thing at this time of year is seeing how pretty our surrounding are around us. This year I am celebrating the run up to the big day in Norwich and I have to say they have gone above and beyond with there lights.


The switch on was magical with music and the smell of waffles filling the atmosphere, this time of year really does make you feel so warm inside. Jarrolds is decorated in the most elegant and beautiful way every time I walk past I am amazed by the sights. With snowballs in the trees and the building fired up, all thats left is the lights tunnel.


Yes, the Christmas tunnel of lights is back and honestly if this isn the most insta worthy setting then I don’t know what is. The long walkway is an enclosed disco ball with a circulating display of lights. Of course I always take a walk through and often the odd snap to add to my collection on my insta feed. Would it really be my insta feed gif I didn’t have an extensive range of lights at this time of year.


If you happen to venture to norwich at this time of year I would recommend taking a look up and admiring the Las Vegas of east anglia, Christmas is by far the prettiest time of year.

What are your city lights like?



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