Eye Makeup:Purple Rain


Purple isn’t a colour I would naturally think to put on myself, I’m not afraid of it as a colour but personally I find it a hard colour to work with, especially the more lighter tones of purple. I wanted to challenge myself and create a festival look out of colours I usually shy away from… purple and blue. We all know I am very much a warm toned girl, so creating a cool toned makeup look that I was proud is defiantly something to tick off my bucket list. If you can even place a makeup look on a bucket list.

For this look I bought back the classic halo eye also known as “Spotlight eye”. Using the Urban Decay Full spectrum palette, I belt up the cool tones and really ensured the blend was seamless. I applied glitter of course, you can’t have a bold eye without some sparkle. I loved how this eye makeup turned out and I defiantly think this is a perfect Christmas party look.

I paired this look with a nude lip to compliment the bold eye and this whole look turned out to be one of my favourites. The pink wig of course makes the look appear more polished and almost barbie like with the way I’ve done precise bold makeup.


Whats your favourite makeup look at the moment?


social : @marthar0se

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