Out of the Blue.

Shock alert; I have another pair of camouflage trousers, when will I stop. I am obsessed with baby blue at the moment, if you could tell already from my matching File disrupters  (No I didn’t purchase these just  to complete the look in which would actually be something I would do).  I have a confession I was about to wear my baby blue bandeau swell with this look but that would have been a blue overload.

My friend Ty and I took an adventure around Norwich whilst taking pictures, I didn’t wear any makeup so excuse the baby face and plaits just to emphasise the fact I look about 5.

In this look I paired the blue with a white rugby style top thats cropped and my favourite Fila sherpa jacket, which is instantly warm and cosy for the more chillier mid afternoon strolls.


Whilst exploring we wanted to take a look at some of the street art thats around Norwich and capture it for our portfolios. I was amazed by the art around the surrounding areas, stuff you wouldn’t notice just walking to work or uni. We decided to capture images that had blue within the art work and get a feel for the art against art (aka me joking). We have a lot more outfit pics planned to take more images with. Got to keep the fits up to date.


As the sun was setting it really allowed for the natural lighting to come through and naturally enhance the natural look we were aiming for in the images, creating the natural glow given off from the model and surrounding area.

This fit for me is one of my favourites for when I’m wanting to wear colour, its defiantly a look you have to have confidence for.  Camo is so overhyped now days that to make yourself stand out from the crowd you have to work your outfit with confidence.


Shop the look:

Camo trousers: Mine are from Topshop but sold out but here are some similar Missy Empire

Fila Jacket: I got mine from Selfridges  but heres one on asos 

Fila Disrupters: Most websites are sold out but asos have a few sizes left.



Twitter: @marthar0se

Instagram : @marthar0se

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