So its been a hot minute since I’ve updated you guys on whats happening in my life, so I thought it was time for me to be honest and update you all.

If you don’t know I have left Cambridge to be venturing on to do something where this time last year I honestly thought I wouldn’t ever be doing and that is… Going to Uni. Yes I plucked up the courage and have began studying at Norwich University of the Arts, beginning my Career in fashion Communication and promotion. Its taken a while for me to settle in, which was expected but Im loving it so far, yes its stressful but if you’re passionate about something stress is only a slight issue that you can work through. Im Still job hunting for abit of extra money whilst being at uni which is crucial but no luck so far.

I have begun going to the gym again and honestly I’ve never felt better I’ve been going 4-5 times a week and can already see improvement not just in my mental health but also my physical health. Its given me a confidence boost which I thought I would never see before.

Most importantly in my update is that I’m happy I feel so much more independent and can see my career pathway slowly beginning to become clear allowing for me to really become motivated towards my goals and reach them.

I may not have completed all my goals from the start of 2018 but I have created new goals along the way in which are becoming more achievable for me now. Ive never felt more motivated to do all this for myself, and make myself proud.



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