Crepe City 2018

Saturday 20th October the day where all the “Hypebeast” make their way to Shoreditch for the most hyped about sneaker event. The only place where you can flex your most priced possessions and not be looked at in a strange way. Everyone is there to show off and stand out fro the crowd. From Supreme to Fila it really is just one hype beast fashion show.

The Event gets bigger and better every year with more and more acknowledgement and publicity of the event, from bloggers to leading directors and brands, if you’re into streetwear this is the place to be.

So what really is crepe city?

Crepe city is a trade, buy or sell convention. You can cop the rarest items or stock up your collection, after the Sean Wotherspoons collab? Easy its on the table to the right of you, but don’t expect to be paying retail at these events. If you intend on going save up before so you can cop your grails.

This year for me I defiantly saw the best fashion sense prior to other years, with more colour being shown from head to toe.Ive seen enough Yeezys to last me a lifetime.

The atmosphere this year felt a little different than other years form the crowd it seemed to be more about competition of who could get what, the sellers howitzer remained their normal chatty and confident selves and thats what I love about the events is how you can get contacts and connections just through your common interest of the streetwear culture. Going back this year and having brands recognise me from previous years is something special as you know you’ve made a connection without realising it prior.

I went with little money as it was a last minute decision  and my student loan can’t quite cover me coping some React Elements. I did get an Off White tag and a Stussy Top, Also got my 97s cleaned by the incredible Jason Markk team who I was a VIP with last year. I am very lucky to know some of the crepe city team so thats how I got the opportunity to partake in this event and ones previous. They never fail to put on a good show.

Not only is it Crepe city but everywhere in the surrounding locations is a hype beast heaven with pop up shops and overpriced coffees and burgers circulating. Right next door was an Adidas pop up shop, with a wall full of every crepe you could possibly think of Adidas creating, and limited edition tracksuits. I did feel like I was betraying them though by wearing my Nikes inside, but none of my Adidas would fit with my outfit, You have to wear the crepe not let the crepe wear you.


Did you go?



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