Boomtown 2018:The Machine that can’t be stopped.

Its a gloomy Tuesday morning and Im sat in my bed with a massive dominoes takeaway, watching videos and scrolling through videos just exhausted from the weekend I’ve had. Was it worth it? 100% by far the best festival I’ve been to, but its written me off.

Boomtown is a large festival situated in Winchester, this is the 10th festival in the story, and I must say I have never been more amazed by the effort that went into it. MY group and I set off from Cambridge at 6 am Thursday 9th august, the journey was around 3 hours driving there at 9 ish. By the time we parked upend got through security it was around 11:30, I was very impressed with the speed we got through everything. We parked at east camp ad the camp we were staying at was on the opposite side of the venue. We huffed our way across boomtown towards ‘Paradise Springs’ in which was our home for 4 days. This trek involved a lot of stopping and starting and my body has never ached more once the tent was up. Id like to thank the security that helped take my bag off me and walk with me. Once we set up camp with everyone and I had changed into my festival attire, on that day it was a sequin skirt and bralet and a lot of gem and glitter.  We set off to have a look around the venue. I wish I could describe to you how incredible everything was but its one of those places where you simply have to be there to describe it. Its a place where you can do the most random things and people will not batter an eyelid. I spent most my time like most at sector six and bang high. I cannot fat the performances at all and the lighting was insane. My favourite performance had to be Andy C or Turno but I can’t not say that my fave artist Shy fx didn’t put on an incredible performance, just a shame about the weather.

The town was kitted with everything from easily accessible water stations and eco toilets to rides and even an on sight supermarket to stock up on your needs. I Definitely diddnt explore the whole of boomtown but I had a good go at it and did my fair share of walking. Everywhere you walked you would be amazed at all the little arenas and random props and characters that would be there making the festival what it was. The security was tight making everyone feel safe and secure and the volunteers were polite and friendly guiding you around the place.

Boomtown was filled with 80,000 people all there for the same reason which really made the experience so special, I made so many new friends and have made the best memories. From the woodland raves to the big stages everything was an experience I will never forget. What made my boomtown experience is the people I shared it with. I have shared many memories with this group for around a year now, and intend on sharing many more. my rave group is simply the best. Roll on chapter 11.

I had so many compliments on my outfits each day so if you would like some boomtown outfit posts let me know. I wore all sorts of wavey accessories and garms. My big mistake was packing for summer and not packing enough warm clothes.

Did you attend?



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