The Perfect Gingham Dress.

38217108_1800857793303284_3464157558225240064_nWhen it comes to dresses I’m not normally one to fall in love with a daytime dress, but here we are. I purchased this Little Monochromatic gingham dress from Topshop (£26) I purchased the size 10 at first but then had to go down to a size 8, so if you’re intrigued with sizing i’d suggest going down in size. This perfect little daytime dress also comes in blue and yellow, but act fast use they’re selling fast. Its a bodycon style fit, a very flattering figure hugging dress. I paired this outfit with a sport striped D-Ring style belt, some cat eye sunglasses, a small yellow handbag and my beautiful classic Air Max 97.


This outfit is perfect for an everyday summer outfit, especially for the weather we’re having right now, who else is living for this weather?

I originally ordered this dress to wear for Boomtown, which is still an outfit option but it was just too far away for me to not wear it. God thats dramatic of me as its a week away, but you get what I mean when you’re desperate to wear an outfit. I adore the little bow detailing at the back, I personally believes it gives the dress that something extra. It is made out of a beautiful material you almost feel as though you’re not wearing anything. Believe me when I say I cannot wait to have a boogie in it. The one concern I do have which will be an issue at my festivals is how short this dress comes, but thats the price I pay for having long legs I guess.



I chose to order the black and white dress due to the fact I can accessories with different colours and were it all year round with tights and turtle necks in winter and no bra in summer, it really is a win win situation, but I am very tempted to order the yellow one as I’ve just seen its been reduced!!!

Shop the outfit:

Dress: click to buy

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