A Fresh Start.

Its been a while and all I can do is apologise.

The last few months I can only describe as some of the toughest months, I’ve had so many exciting yet stressful events happen I simply had no time to blog, not only that I had fallen into a creative rut. For me being a arty and creative person the fact I fell into having no creativity and passion for what I was doing due to the fact I was mentally and physically drained made me lose motivation. I went back through my old post in which are now deleted due to the fact I simply want to make this blog more about me and my life rather than focus it on trends. This  decision to delete my old posts was a difficult one as its two years worth of content and hard work gone but like I told myself having a fresh new platform to share my life and my passions is going to be worth the risk.

If you have stuck around since my old blogs, Thank you. If you’re new here; Hello, Hi, Welcome, Im Martha Rose a Self taught and Qualified Makeup Artist and Fashion student from Cambridge. I am very excited to share my Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle posts with you.

I hope you enjoy the future content that will be shared.


Socials :

Twitter : @marthar0se

Instagram: @marthar0se

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